Why and how should you order glasses online?

Buying eyeglasses online may seem a bit scary at first, but there are so many reasons to give it a shot. First, it’s much cheaper to buy glasses online than from your optician. Second, the quality of your glasses will be similar or better. Third, nowadays, you can properly try them on online; you’ll be absolutely shocked with how similar our virtual mirror is to a real one. So, how exactly should you go about ordering glasses online? This guide will tell you all about it!

Start by finding your favourite frame

Take a look at our frames and glasses where you’ll discover an amazing selection of models and original brands. You’ll be able to easily filter shapes, styles, colours, brands, and more. Most models use our virtual mirror feature. Once you’ve found your perfect frame, you can activate the virtual try-on tool. This will access your webcam and show you how your frames will look on you in real-time.

What makes the virtual mirror so special?

Click on the camera icon next to the glasses to activate our virtual mirror. It works just like a regular mirror; the camera captures your face and accurately applies the selected frames. You can even turn your head, and the frames will follow whichever way you’re facing. This allows you to see them from different angles, and it’ll look as if you were actually wearing them! For comparison, just take a look at the examples below. One was made with our virtual mirror, and the other was made with the actual frames. Can you tell which is which?

Glasses virtual try-on

To help the virtual mirror provide an accurate depiction, click the icon in the bottom right corner and select either male or female. Or, simply specify your pupillary distance instead. You can read all about how to determine your pupillary distance below.

Glasses virtual try-on

To further make sure your glasses fit well, we’ve added sizes and dimensions to each of our frames. This will give you an idea of how big or small the frames are for you, and you’ll have a better comparison to your current eyeglasses.

Glasses dimensions Glasses dimensions

Entering your prescription

When ordering glasses online, you will need a prescription that should be no older than 6 months. You’ll need to get this from your ophthalmologist or optometrist. All your values and parameters should be on this prescription. From here, you can enter the power (dioptres) for your right and left eye. Be careful not to confuse plus (+) and minus (-) values when ordering . Plus dioptres usually point to far-sightedness, meaning you can see well from afar but not so well up close. Minus dioptres point to near-sightedness, meaning you can see well up close but struggle with seeing objects far away. If the sign wasn’t specified, it’s a plus dioptre. An equal sign (=) indicates a minus dioptre. Your prescription may also contain values ​​for axis and cylinder; these values indicate an astigmatism and can be entered into the appropriate place upon ordering. If these additional values do not appear on your prescription, simply enter a “0” into those places on the order form.

Your eye care specialist should also include your pupillary distance (PD) on your prescription as you’ll need it to place your order. Not every optometrist/ ophthalmologist does this, so be sure to ask. Otherwise, it’s also possible to measure it yourself with our accurate online tool, or by printing this: our PD ruler .

After you’ve entered your prescription into the order form, you will select what kind of lenses you’d like for your new glasses: we offer 4 types with varying thickness. You can either buy single vision glasses or progressive (multifocal) glasses. Based on the parameters you’ve entered, the most suitable type of lenses will automatically be selected. If necessary, you can manually change this selection. Keep in mind that certain values and parameters require a certain type of lens thickness, so it won’t always be possible to change.

If you’re still worried about making your order or correctly entering your parameters, then don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. We’d be very happy to help and guide you in completing your order.

In summary: why opt for glasses online?

Consider following benefits:

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