Face shape guide: how to choose your perfect glasses?

Do you know which face shape you have? Understanding your face shape can be a helpful tool when it comes to choosing glasses that will suit your face. Most probably you have one of the next face shapes: round, heart, triangle, inverted triangle, diamond, square, rectangle or oval. In this guide we will help you to figure out which shape is yours!
*To make the process of choosing glasses easier, we highly recommend using our virtual try-on feature on the website. This tool allows you to try on different frames virtually, giving you a better idea of how they will look on your face shape before buying the glasses.

Oval face shape

  • Oval face shape is characterized by its elongated proportions and narrow jawline . When it comes to glasses, there are a few styles that can help shorten the length of oval face.
  • Frames with a strong brow line help shorten the length of an oval face and add some width to the upper part of the face. Round or square frames can also work well for oval faces, as they can add some width to the lower part of the face and balance out the overall proportions. Cat-eye frames would be a flattering choice for oval faces, as they add some width to the upper part of the face and create a more balanced look.
  • We also recommend to look for frames that are proportional to your face and follow your brow line. Rectangular, oval or round frames are all a great choice for oval faces, depending on your personal style and preferences.

Heart and inverted triangle face shapes

  • Heart-shaped and inverted triangle faces both have a wider upper face and a narrower lower face . Therefore, when selecting glasses for these face shapes, the goal is to balance out the proportions by drawing attention to the lower part of the face.
  • For heart and inverted triangle faces, we recommend choosing wider frames that draw attention to the upper face. Also, cat-eye frames can be a great choice for heart faces, as they can add some width to the upper part of the face and create a more balanced look. Oval or round frames can help to soften the angles of the face and create a more harmonious overall look.

Round face shape

  • The round face shape is easily recognizable from its circular appearance, wide forehead, full cheeks, and rounded chin . It doesn’t have the strong lines and angles seen in other face shapes. When choosing glasses for a round face, it's recommended to choose square and rectangular styles that add contrast to the natural curves of the face, while avoiding frames that exaggerate the roundness. This can create a slimming and elongating effect. Glasses with strong angles and lines will help balance out the fullness of your face.

Diamond face shape

  • The diamond face shape is the rarest of all and is characterized by broad, distinctive cheekbones, parallel narrow eye lines, and narrow jawlines . Although the diamond face shape shares some similarities with the heart-shaped face shape because of its full cheeks, it is actually a unique silhouette of its own.
  • If you have a diamond-shaped face, it's best to choose eyeglasses with angular, edgy elements that complement the angular features of your face. This will help soften your cheekbones and draw attention directly to your eyes. We also recommend wider frames to balance your look and lend a dramatic, stylish touch to your features.

Square and triangle face shapes

  • People with square or triangle face shapes typically have strong jawlines and angular face features .
  • For these face shapes, it's recommended to choose glasses with thinner frames and lots of curves to create contrast. By choosing frames with characteristics opposite to your face shape, such as round or cat-eye glasses , you can avoid further emphasizing the angular look of your face.
Remember, these are just general guidelines! The most important thing is to choose a pair of glasses that you feel confident and comfortable in.