Vibrating Contact Lens Case

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Vibrating Contact Lens Case

This vibrating lens case provides an effective way to clean contact lenses. The outer case contains the vibration mechanism, while the lenses are stored in an inner case, similar to traditional contact lens cases. Gentle pulses help multipurpose solutions effectively remove all deposits and dirt from contact lenses when the case is in action. This cleaning method is suitable for all soft contact lenses, including hydrogel and silicone-hydrogel.

The case is made of durable plastic and contains a built-in mirror, tweezers, and an inner contact lens case. The vibration action is powered by one AAA battery (not included).

Recommended use

  • Fill the inner case with an adequate amount of solution (it should be approximately 2/3 full).
  • Place your contact lenses into the inner case, and close the lids.
  • If you have removed the inner lens case, place it back into the holder, and press the red button to switch on the vibration system.
  • After 5 minutes, turn off the device, remove the lenses, and replace the solution with a fresh dose in the inner case.
  • With the lenses now in clean solution, allow then to soak overnight before next use.

Replacement cases

Please note that the inner case should be replaced regularly to ensure proper hygiene. It is advised to replace the inner case at least every three months, or whenever you open a new bottle of contact lens solution. We offer replacement cases in green, blue, pink, and brown.

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