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TopVue Contact Lenses

TopVue contact lenses are produced using the most advanced and most effective technologies. They are made with sodium hyaluronate and PEG material for increased lubrication and feature unique TopVue thin edge technology. The TopVue product family provides superior contacts that keep your eyes healthy and comfortable throughout their wearing period. TopVue produces cheap contact lenses at the highest quality.

Stable sight correction and long-lasting comfort with TopVue contacts

TopVue contacts feature a stable sight correction system that ensures sharp and clear vision under any lighting circumstances. This property is mainly advantageous while driving at night or when exposed to a sudden glare. The design of TopVue lenses is unique thanks to its special, thin edges that make everyday wear much more comfortable.

Contact lenses use and care

TopVue lenses are available in all categories: daily TopVue lenses, bi-weekly TopVue lenses as well as monthly TopVue lenses. TopVue for astigmatism, TopVue multifocal, and TopVue Color contacts are also available. TopVue contact lenses are not approved for continuous wear or while sleeping. Ensure optimum comfort of your TopVue lenses by using a quality contact lens solution, such as Gelone, which contains sodium hyaluronate for enhanced lubrication.

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