Systane COMPLETE eye drops 10 ml

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Systane™ COMPLETE 10 ml eye drops

These eye drops cannot be used while wearing contact lenses.

Systane™ COMPLETE are moisturising eye drops by Alcon, with an all-in-one formula. These eye drops provide long-lasting relief, hydration and comfort for your eyes via the stabilisation of all 3 layers (mucin, aqueous and lipid) of the tear film.

You will no longer need to suffer any discomfort caused by dry eye syndrome. Systane™ COMPLETE drops ensure protection against tear evaporation, thus preventing the surface of the eye from drying out.

Systane™ COMPLETE drops contain nano-sized droplets that precisely fill in any missing parts in the tear film. They will also keep the entire surface of the eye protected from harmful environmental influences that can irritate the eyes.

Applying Systane™ COMPLETE drops

Thanks to Systane™ COMPLETE drops, you’ll be able to easily and quickly combat burning eyes, stinging and irritation, as well as dryness.
Always shake the bottle well before applying the drops. Then, apply 1-2 drops in each eye and blink, so that the solution can spread well over the eye.
Do not use these drops while wearing contact lenses. You can use them before inserting the lenses or after removing the lenses from your eyes.
Be careful not to touch the tip of the container with either your fingers or your eye itself to avoid contamination. Store at room temperature. You can use Systane™ COMPLETE drops for 3 months after first opening.

Properties - Systane COMPLETE eye drops 10 ml

Manufacturer: Alcon
Volume: 10 ml
Usability after opening: 3 months
Can be used with contact lenses: No
Preservatives: Yes
Medical Device: Yes


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