R2 Falcon AT105B

Polarized Woman Man

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146 mm
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16 mm
120 mm
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About R2

R2 is the little brother of the successful Czech brand Relax. Whereas Relax focuses on a general sporty lifestyle, R2 really hones in on what true sport enthusiasts need. R2 combines all the latest technologies with top materials to deliver sporting eyewear of the best quality

About these glasses

The shape of these frames is characterised by a single lens. The frame colour is mostly black, which is an easy colour to wear and remains an excellent and reliable choice for an everyday yet elegant style. The lens colour is grey, which reduces glare and improves colour perception. Polarization has been added to these sunglasses. Polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks intense reflected light, which, in effect, reduces glare and adds further protection for your eyes. These glasses are suitable for driving. They are equipped with a polarisation filter, which helps reduce glare and light reflection. The material is mainly made of lightweight and durable plastic. These are the ideal sunglasses for sports or outdoor activities. On Sale

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