Optiserum eyewash solution 10x 5 ml

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Optiserum eyewash solution 10x 5 ml

This eye treatment cannot be used while wearing contact lenses.

The eyes are exposed to a variety of factors that can irritate them. In order to soothe the irritated eye environment, we need to reach for a suitable product.
Optiserum is a sterile eyewash solution packaged in 10 convenient vials that has a pH identical to tears. The solution does not contain preservatives and is therefore usually very well tolerated.

Factors that affect irritated eyes:

Environmental influences (smoke, wind, inadequate lighting, air conditioning...)
Working or playing on a computer for a long time
Foreign body (algae, sawdust, grain of sand ...)


It is necessary to wash your hands before using the product.
Optiserum is applied in the same way as eye drops. The application can be repeated.
The vial is disposable. Do not keep the residue for later use as the sterility of the solution will no longer be assured.
Optiserum do not use with contact lenses in place.
The product is suitable for adults and children over 3 years of age.
Pregnant and lactating women, the elderly and people with impaired kidney function should consult a physician for use.

Properties - Optiserum eyewash solution 10x 5 ml

Manufacturer: Laboratoires Gilbert
Volume: 10x 5 ml
Usability after opening: immediately after opening
Preservatives: No
Medical Device: Yes


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