Eyeglass lens colours and blue light


Blue light is certainly a hot topic these days. And considering the fact that we cannot imagine a world without our devices, it has become increasingly more important to combat the negative effects of excessive blue light. This, however, also means that there are a myriad of products out there that claim to do exactly that. So, where does that leave you? Should you get yourself a pair of glasses with a clear blue light-blocking filter? What about lenses with a yellow-tinted filter? Or, are red lenses perhaps the best choice? Well, let’s start by saying that there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. It’s not a competition of which lens colour is best. It all depends on your circumstances and what you’re using your blue light-blocking glasses for. Let us clearly go over the differences between clear lenses, yellow lenses and red/amber glasses.

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Clear blue light-blocking glasses

Lens Blue Blocker

If you’re looking at the degree of blue light absorption, any kind of clear filter can technically never absorb more than 30% of all blue light. Our blue light eyeglass filter, for example, absorbs and blocks up to 20%. However, this type of glasses is not designed for complete absorption or blocking. Humans biologically require a certain amount of blue light. If you’ve taken a look at our general page regarding blue light, you may have read that natural blue light keeps us productive and alert during the day. Clear blue light glasses aim at lessening the strain caused by artificial blue light in our day-to-day lives. That’s why they’re often referred to as “computer glasses”. They are meant to be worn indoors as a comfortable, casual and discreet way to protect your eyes while spending time in front of a screen. This means that they’ll reduce digital eye fatigue, headaches, sore eyes, loss of energy and productivity, etc. when working, studying or gaming for extended periods of time.

Perfect for:

Casual day-to-day indoor use

Relieving strain caused by excessive artificial light

Keeping screen colours true*

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Less ideal for:

People with a higher sensitivity to blue light

People with a significantly disrupted sleep cycle

*Please note that any kind of blue light filter will always slightly alter colours, so they are not advised for work that requires colour perception to remain 100% true, eg. for graphic design work.

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Yellow blue light-blocking glasses

Lens Yellow Blocker

Yellow blue light glasses are a step up from clear lenses. Depending on the quality, they can block and absorb somewhere between 50-70% of all blue light. They still let some of the necessary blue light through. Of course, a yellow lens will affect your colour perception but it does do better at alleviating digital eye strain, headaches and migraines, a disrupted sleep cycle, and other related complaints. They are still mostly recommended for daytime use, though their increased effectiveness allows for a transition into nighttime use. They can be worn by anyone but are generally geared towards people with a higher sensitivity to blue light, or people who spend hours focusing intensely on screens, eg. professional gamers. This is why yellow-tinted glasses are colloquially referred to as “gaming glasses”. It has also been proven that a yellow tint can also help those suffering from seasonal depression and stress to increase their mood.

Perfect for:

Indoor and outdoor use, during the daytime and leading up to the night

People with a higher sensitivity to blue light: they’ll provide more relief from headaches, eye strain, fatigue, etc. caused by artificial blue light

People suffering from stress, anxiety and seasonal depression

People who notice that their sleep cycle is moderately disrupted by blue light

Less ideal for:

People who want more casual and discreet-looking blue light glasses

Keeping colour perception true and accurate

People with a heavily disrupted circadian rhythm or those who suffer from insomnia

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Red/Amber blue light-blocking glasses

Lens Red/Amber Blocker

Here is where things get more serious. Red or orange/amber-tinted blue light glasses can absorb and block up to 100% of all blue light. Because people, as previously stated, do need a bit of blue light during the day, these glasses are mainly designed for use leading up to bedtime. Red glasses should be worn 2-3 hours prior to going to sleep as they allow for a healthy production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. That’s why this type of blue light-blocking glasses is called “sleeping glasses”. So, if blue light is severely impacting your sleep pattern, a pair of red-tinted blue light glasses is your go-to choice. Keep in mind that these glasses will heavily alter your colour perception and are not recommended for daytime use.

Perfect for:

Ensuring an optimised sleep cycle

Nighttime use, before going to bed

Less ideal for:

Casual daytime use

True colour perception and clear sight**

**Though red-tinted blue light glasses can be worn outdoors and indoors before bedtime (as they’ll block all natural and artificial blue light), they should never be worn in situations where one’s eyesight must remain unhindered, eg. while driving a car or while operating heavy machinery.

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