Kimikado Titanium 16043 C1

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138 mm
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17 mm
140 mm
42 mm 53 mm
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About Kimikado

Are you looking for sleek, classy, titanium eyeglasses? Then Kimikado is your go-to brand! Kimikado is a stylish new brand that is ready to conquer the world with their quality eyewear. Their eyeglasses perfectly combine timeless design with a hint of modern playfulness. Kimikado's consistent use of titanium ensures that all their eyewear is hypoallergenic. Get yourself some new Kimikado eyeglasses, and you won't be disappointed!

About these glasses

The shape of these frames is pilot, which is a perfect model for all face shapes. The frame colour is mostly black, which is an easy colour to wear and remains an excellent and reliable choice for an everyday yet elegant style. The frame colour is mostly gold, which will definitely enhance your features and add a little touch of sophistication to your look! The material is mainly made of lightweight and durable plastic. Would you like to see if these glasses are the perfect fit for you? Get a closer look with our virtual try-on tool! On Sale

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