HYLO PARIN Eye Drops 10 ml

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HYLO PARIN eye drops

URSAPHARM eye drops are intended for people who have chronic problems with unstable tear films. The tear film serves as a protective barrier against pathogens and drying of the eye. If the function of the tear film is disturbed and the moisturizing disorder recurs, permanent damage to the surface of the eye can occur.
HYLO PARIN eye drops brings quick relief from burning, itching or the feeling of a foreign body in the eye, and the composition of the drops quickly restores the stressed tissue.

Active ingredients of HYLO PARIN drops

The combination of hyaluronic acid in the form of its salt - sodium hyaluronate, heparin and glycerol effectively moisturize the eyes and at the same time quickly stabilize the tear film.

Sodium hyaluronate is a well-known moisturizing substance that has the ability to form a long-lasting layer on the surface of the eye. Sodium hyaluronate has the ability to bind large amounts of water and is therefore the perfect lubricant for your eyes.

Heparin is another ingredient that binds moisture and promotes adhesion to the cornea.

Glycerol lubricates the surface of the eye very well. It makes the eyelids glide easily on their surface, so the feeling of a foreign body in the eye quickly disappears.

Smart dosing system

The great advantage of all HYLO Eye Care drops is the COMOD (or COntinuous MOnoDose-System) dosing system. This dispensing system is designed to hold the liquid in a flexible airtight bag and the drops are not in contact with the surrounding air. As a result, the drops do not contain any preservatives or phosphates. In addition, the COMOD system also saves consumption by precise dosing, where we cannot influence the size of the drop by the force of the squeeze.

Use of drops

Apply 1 drop in each eye 3 times a day. The dosage can be increased as needed. However, if you need to apply the drops more than 10 times during the day, we recommend an eye examination.
HYLO PARIN eye drops can be applied to fitted contact lenses. However, the manufacturer recommends waiting at least 30 minutes after contact lens insertion.
In case you are using another eye product, the manufacturer recommends waiting between applications of the products at least 30 min. HYLO PARIN eye drops should then be applied last with the exception of eye ointments.

The manufacturer states that, based on current knowledge, HYLO PARIN can be used by children and pregnant and lactating women.
The drops can also be used long-term, but in this case, inform or consult with your doctor.

Only use the product within 6 months from the opening of it.

Properties - HYLO PARIN Eye Drops 10 ml

Manufacturer: Ursapharm
Volume: 10 ml
Usability after opening: 6 months
Preservatives: No
Contains Sodium hyaluronate: Yes
Can be used with contact lenses: Yes
Medical Device: Yes


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