How to keep your glasses in the best shape possible

If you're looking for something a lot more permanent and durable than contact lenses, eyeglasses or sunglasses are the way to go. Whether you own just one pair for everyday or have several with more exquisite designs for special occasions, we all want our glasses to stay in the best shape possible. Yes, shopping online for glasses ensures that you can find the finest quality glasses at the best price. And yes, eyeglass lenses are treated with coatings that prevent scratches and dirt from sticking to the lens. However, it’s still important to keep a few tips in mind when taking care of your glasses:

Glasses need to be wiped and cleaned regularly

Did we mention there are # that prevent glasses from getting dirty? Well, that doesn't mean that glasses don’t need to be cleaned properly! Coatings help with preventing dirt or droplets from sticking to your lenses and make it easier for you to wipe or clean them, but, ultimately, your glasses will end up getting dirty or smudged. Even the best glasses--and sunglasses-- need to be cleaned from time to time:

  • It’s never a bad idea to gently rinse your glasses with water before wiping or cleaning them.
  • Use a piece of cloth designed for cleaning glasses, such as a microfibre cloth. These are often included with your

purchase of glasses.

  • Do not use paper towels, clothes, handkerchiefs, etc. as they may end up leaving scratches or dust on your lenses.
  • If you use sprays or cleansers, use one specifically designed for glasses. Others may contain substances that will

damage lens coatings.

  • If you must use a household detergent, use one without aggressive substances, such as ammonia.
  • You can also have your glasses professionally cleaned with ultrasound technology at an optician.

Cleaning glasses with a cloth

If they’re not on your face, put them in a case!

External pressure or impacts can warp or damage glasses. No matter how sturdy your glasses look, if someone sits or steps on them, or they fall on the ground, they probably won't survive! So, make sure you own a sturdy case for your glasses or sunglasses and store them in it when you’re not wearing them or transporting them. Making a habit of putting them in a case will also prevent you from laying them down on hard surfaces, which will scratch your lenses.

Put both hands to work

Few of us use both our hands when handling our glasses. Whether for putting them on, taking them off, or adjusting them on your nose, try to force yourself to use both hands to avoid bending or warping the frame. Trust us, this will significantly extend the life of your glasses.

Do not underestimate what extreme heat can do

Extreme temperatures aren’t fun for anyone or anything, including glasses! So, don’t forget to take off your glasses in a steam bath or sauna. Also, during summer, be careful not to leave your glasses in places with high exposure to the sun for extended periods of time, such as on the dashboard of your car. Extreme heat can easily warp your frames.

Be careful of corrosive substances

There are substances that can discolour frames or damage lens coatings, and they might be in places that don't immediately cross your mind, such as hair-care products, some detergents, and even the salt in seawater. So, try to avoid those if you can.

A small tip : if you want to go to the sea and keep your glasses safe, try daily lenses as an alternative!