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Find your Optician Contact Lens Brands and their Alternatives

High Street Opticians Contact Lenses and Alternatives

Expand your choices. Save money! Find an alternative to your contact lenses from a different manufacturer.

If you can’t find your current contact lenses on Alensa, you may be wearing private-label lenses from your optician. But, did you know you may have other options? If you have all the information about your lenses’ parameters, you’re free to buy lenses similar to your optician brand lenses from other online shops. Shop online from the comfort of home, and find the best deal around.

It’s a familiar scenario: When it’s time to re-order your lenses, you return to your optician to stock up and pay arbitrary prices… no questions asked. If you’ve looked for your private-label lenses online, your search probably comes up empty. That’s because most private-label lenses are only available from a limited network of high-street opticians.

Alensa has done the research for you and come up with suitable brand-name alternatives from different, trusted manufacturers including CooperVision, Bausch & Lomb, Alcon and others. We merely provide you with some suggestions. Be sure to compare the parameters of your current private-label lenses to our suggestions, and consult your eye care specialist when in doubt. Our customer service is also more than happy to help you out if something from the lists wouldn't check out anymore.

What are private-label lenses?

A private label is one that is tied to a particular optician or large retailer and cannot be purchased elsewhere. These brands, however, are usually very similar to brands you could find anywhere.

This means you’re not necessarily limited to these private-label lenses. Buying brand-name lenses gives you the freedom to comparison shop for the best deals without being tied to monthly contracts and other conditions from opticians that can be costly and inconvenient. You can now choose a cheaper alternative from trusted lens manufacturers with confidence.

Take a look at our list of private-label brands from popular opticians and retailers, and you’ll find the brand-name suggested alternative available on Alensa. We list the lens parameters so you can immediately compare your box of private-label lenses to our suggestions from different manufacturers. Keep in mind that private labels often change and update their stock. So maybe the lenses you have right now don't quite match our suggestions or aren't in any of our lists... In that case, just get in touch with our customer service and we'll use our knowledge to help you determine an alternative. And that way you can also help us keep our lists updated!


The following page provides a selection of popular lenses from Specsavers. You'll find our suggested alternatives for these products there.

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You'll find Boots contact lenses alternatives produced by a variety of renowned eye-care experts, including CooperVision, Bausch and Lomb, and Alcon. Follow the link below for further details.

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Vision Express - Eyexpert

Daily and monthly Eyexpert lenses from Vision Express could be substituted for products from Bausch and Lomb and CooperVision, amongst others. Learn more about our suggestions by clicking below.

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Optical Express

If you're currently wearing any of these lenses from Optical Express, you can try our alternative suggestions from Bausch and Lomb and CooperVision. The following link provides an overview.

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Smaller optician's brands

Here you'll find some smaller brands that have mostly disappeared from the market, such as Dollond & Aitchison, Conlons and FCUK. Follow this link to find out which Alensa alternatives you can substitute for these smaller, private brands.

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