Eye spray Biodrop MD 17 ml

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Eye spray Biodrop MD

The spray is an excellent alternative to eye drops for those who are uncomfortable with dripping drops into their eyes. The spray is also suitable for contact lens wearers.
The spray contains sodium hyaluronate and sea buckthorn seed oil.
Sea buckthorn seed oil slowly reaches the tear film and strengthens the tear lipid layer, which protects the eyes from drying out.
Sodium hyaluronate binds water and acts as a perfect lubricant.

Application of eye spray

Apply the spray always with your eyes closed at the recommended distance 15-25 cm on the eyes.If you wear make-up, the manufacturer recommends applying it over a longer distance.
Contact lens wearers do not have to remove the lenses from the eyes before application.
The shelf life of the spray is limited to 6 months from the first use.

Properties - Eye spray Biodrop MD 17 ml

Manufacturer: Piiloset
Volume: 17 ml
Usability after opening: 6 months
Preservatives: No
Contains Sodium hyaluronate: Yes
Medical Device: Yes


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