Driving glasses Crullé TR1886 C1

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About Crullé

Whether you’re looking for an everyday look or need something to fit a stronger fashion sense, Crullé is your brand! Available in many different shapes and colours, there’s a pair of Crullé glasses perfect for every preference. These stylish and durable glasses come with a low price tag, so why choose only one?

About these glasses

This pair of glasses is specifically designed for more comfortable driving. These glasses do not have any dioptric correction but they contain a special filter that offers numerous benefits when you’re behind the wheel. This filter enhances comfort, visual acuity and focus, and helps alleviate fatigue while on the road. You’ll have better vision of your dashboard and your rearview mirror. These glasses provide better contrast, they minimise blinding reflections and reduce light intensity caused by oncoming traffic. This filter also incorporates a night vision zone, specifically designed for driving at night. And lastly, these glasses provide 100% UV protection. The eyeglass lenses have a slight yellow tint. The shape is square, which works perfectly for those with diamond, oval, and round-shaped faces. The frame colour is mostly black, which is an easy colour to wear and remains an excellent and reliable choice for an everyday yet elegant style. The material is mainly made of lightweight and durable plastic.

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