Crullé Smart Glasses CR03S

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150 mm
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17 mm
148 mm
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About Crullé

Whether you’re looking for an everyday look or need something to fit a stronger fashion sense, Crullé is your brand! Available in many different shapes and colours, there’s a pair of Crullé glasses perfect for every preference. These stylish and durable glasses come with a low price tag, so why choose only one?

About these glasses

The shape is square, which works perfectly for those with diamond, oval, and round-shaped faces. The frame colour is mostly black, which is an easy colour to wear and remains an excellent and reliable choice for an everyday yet elegant style. The lens colour is grey, which reduces glare and improves colour perception. The material is mainly made of lightweight and durable plastic. Would you like to see if these glasses are the perfect fit for you? Get a closer look with our virtual try-on tool! On Sale

Smart Glasses - the future is here!

Step into the future with a shiny pair of smart glasses! Let your glasses do all the work for you with their leading-edge technology. Easily receive calls and listen to music with just a tap. These glasses feature bluetooth 5.0, a magnetic charging port, built-in headphones and microphone, an easy-to-operate tap area (which allows for one-touch navigation) and led indicator lights. Enjoy fast charging and a long battery life, so you can just carry on with life as usual while your smart glasses stay ready. Not only are these glasses innovative and user-friendly, they are also stylish and comfortable! So, stay ahead of the times and get yourself a pair, today!

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