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Economy Packs of Lenses and Solutions

Are you tired of browsing through web shops looking for the right contacts? And when you finally find them, you realise you´re also out of your contact lens solution, and the search starts all over again? We have the ultimate solution for you. Have a look at our economy packs of contact lenses with solutions, and kill two birds with one stone. We also offer multipacks of your favourite contact lens solutions. You’ll save time and money on top of it all!

Economy packs of contact lenses with solution

Get your set of lenses and solution quickly and easily with our all-in-one economy packs. All solutions also include a lens case. Your savings is just one click away. Here you will find packages of our top brands of lenses in combination with the highest quality solutions (Gelone, Laim-Care).

Economy packs of solutions

If you´re using bi-weekly or monthly lenses, then you know that the usage of solution knows no limits. Therefore it´s best to always be well stocked with a sufficient supply of your favorite contact lens solution.

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