Clear 58 (6 lenses)

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Gelone Solution 360 ml
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Clear 58 Monthly Contact Lenses

Clear 58 contacts with UV protection are made from high-quality Etafilcon A material and are intended for daily wear with a replacement schedule of 30 days.

TRUform® edge design for better comfort

TRUform edge design

This innovative design technology ensures thin edges for optimal movement, easy handling, and all-day comfort. The thin edges reduce friction during blinking, which can sometimes lead to irritation and dryness for contact lens wearers.


These contact lenses are available in dioptric powers ranging from -10.00 to +6.00. Minus values have a standard base curve of 8.7mm and a diameter of 14.00mm. Plus values have a base curve of 8.7mm and a diameter of 14.50mm.

Properties - Clear 58 (6 lenses)

Manufacturer: ClearLab
DIA: 14.50, 14.00
BC: 8.70
Pack size: 6 lenses
Expiration: 12 months and more
Oxygen permeability: 21,83 Dk/t
Replacement schedule: 30 Days
Water content: 58%
Product name: Clear 58
Lenses Material: Etafilcon A
Power range: from -10.00 to +6.00
Extended or overnight wear: No
UV filter: Yes
Medical Device: Yes

TopVue Monthly Plus (6 lenses)

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  • UV filter
  • High water content
  • Evenly thin edges
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Gelone Eye Drops 10 ml


  • Soothes dry and sensitive eyes
  • Creates a film that protects the eyes
  • Can be used on all types of contact lenses
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