Cleaning cloth for glasses - Alensa Anti-Fog

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Alensa Anti-Fog cleaning cloth for glasses

Stop your glasses from fogging up with this moist microfibre cleaning cloth, that’ll effectively help prevent your eyeglass lenses from becoming foggy, especially during colder days.
It doesn’t take a lot to make glasses foggy. As soon as there is a sudden change in temperature and your glasses are at a lower temperature than the surrounding environment, the ambient moisture will immediately form condensation on the glasses, which will make it difficult to see.
This Anti-Fog Alensa cleaning cloth forms a protective layer over the surface of the glasses that can halt condensation and fogging for 48 hours.

This cloth is stored in a resealable bag that you can keep with you at all times.


To guarantee maximum effectiveness, it is necessary to first wash your glasses with water and neutral dish soap. Then, dry your glasses using a conventional microfibre cloth. Now, your glasses are ready to be treated with this moist anti-fog cleaning cloth.
Wipe the lenses thoroughly on either side with this cleaning cloth. When you’ve finished doing this, simply fold the cloth and place it back into the resealable bag so it stays moist and can be reused. We recommend washing your hands after handling this cloth. < /p>

This anti-fog cloth can also be used on camera lenses, mobile phones, sports glasses or helmet visors.

Dimensions of the cloth: 15×15 cm

Please note

Don't wash the cloth. If washed, the cloth will lose its anti-fog property.

Properties - Cleaning cloth for glasses - Alensa Anti-Fog

Accessories colour: Black
Dimensions: 150 x 150 mm

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