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Type of lenses

Glasses for far away Glasses for distance vision, e.g. for driving or casual wear. Single-vision lenses.
Glasses for up close Glasses for reading. Single-vision lenses.
Glasses for multiple distances One pair of glasses that corrects vision across multiple distances.
Progressive / multifocal glasses All-in-one glasses for vision correction across all three distances. That allows you to see nearby, at mid-distance and from far away, without needing to change glasses. Transitions between distances are not noticable on the lenses.
Degressive (office) glasses One pair of glasses for vision correction across both near and intermediate distance. Mainly designed for indoor use (in the office or at home). The transition between distances is not noticable on the lenses.
Bifocal glasses One pair of glasses for vision correction across both near and far distance (intermediate distance not included). The upper lens part of the lens is for seeing in the far distance, the bottom part (an integrated semi-circle-shaped zone) is for nearby.
Prescription-free glasses with a blue-light filter Insert powerless eyeglass lenses into your selected frames, equipped with a filter that reduces blue light from computer and mobile phone screens. Recommended for indoor use.
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Your prescribed parameters

Upload a prescription, use a prescription from a previous order or manually enter your parameters in the form.

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Pupillary distance (PD)

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If you do not know your pupillary distance (PD), it can be determined in the following ways:

Lens thickness

Refraction Index:: 1.5
Recommended for dioptres up to +/- 2.00
+$18.90 Price per pair This type of eyeglasses is not compatible with eyeglass lenses with an index of 1.5
Refraction Index:: 1.6
Recommended for dioptres up to +/- 4.25
  • Light
+$37.90 Price per pair
Super thin
Refraction Index:: 1.67
Recommended for dioptres from +/- 4.50 to +/- 6.00
  • Extra light
+$74.90 Price per pair
Ultra thin
Refraction Index:: 1.74
Recommended for dioptres from +/- 4.50 to +6.00 /- 12.00
  • Ultra light
+$112.90 Price per pair

Special features for your eyeglass lenses

Blue light blocking filter Filters blue light emitted by devices such as phones, tablets and computers. Can reduce eye fatigue, increase productivity and improve sleep habits. Recommended for indoor use. +$37.90 Price per pair
Self-tinting lenses Photochromic or self-tinting lenses shade according to changing light conditions. They are clear indoors and darken when exposed to UV rays. This protects the eyes when needed. Available in brown and grey. +$87.90 Price per pair
Sunglasses lenses Prescription sunglasses offer vision correction and UV protection. We offer a green, brown or gray lens colour option, as well as the possibility to add a mirror coating in various colours. You can choose between 3 levels of tint intensity. For a lens tint similar to that of standard sunglasses, select 85% intensity, for which you also have the option to add polarization. +$37.90 Price per pair
Anti-reflective coating, extra hardening and 3 other treatments included Transparent lenses that always come with extra hardening, a UV filter, and anti-reflective, self-cleaning, and hydrophobic coatings that prevent fog and stains. +$0 Price per pair
Driving eyeglass lenses Driving eyeglass lenses help lower the intensity of light caused by oncoming traffic, reduce blinding glare and minimise annoying reflections. In addition to providing visual comfort and enhancing contrast while driving, they also offer 100% UV protection. Their lenses are slightly yellow. +$49.90 Price per pair

Standard lens surface treatments included for all glasses

UV filter
Extra hardening
Self-cleaning coating
Hydrophobic coating
Anti-reflective coating
Polaroid PLD D364/G 003
Frames $45.90
Lenses $37.90
Lens thickness +$37.90
Standard lens surface treatments included for all glasses
UV filter Free
Extra hardening Free
Self-cleaning coating Free
Hydrophobic coating Free
Anti-reflective coating Free
Price total $83.80
To be manufactured within 9 business days after payment