Carolina Herrera CH 0034/S J5G/9O

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146 mm
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About Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera started her brand in 1981, which has since grown into a world-class fashion house. This Venezuelan designer states that she feels a responsibility towards women to make them feel confident, modern and above all else beautiful. These values carry over to the brand’s eyewear collection as well. Caroline Herrera eyewear combines classic, timeless styles with some contemporary design elements here and there. A pair of Caroline Herrera glasses is for any woman or man who knows what they want, and who wants to show that self-confidence.

About these glasses

The shape of these frames is pilot, which is a perfect model for all face shapes. The frame colour is mostly gold, which will definitely enhance your features and add a little touch of sophistication to your look! The lens colour is grey, which reduces glare and improves colour perception. These glasses have gradient lenses, which means they are darker on the top and gradually transition to lighter on the bottom. Not only is this effect super trendy and stylish, but it's also good for driving and allows for a clearer view from the bottom while inhibiting the bright sky from damaging your eyes from overhead. The material is mainly made of metal, which is highly durable and gives that sleek, stylish look. On Sale

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