Glasses as a fashion accessory

When you think of glasses, maybe the first thing you think of is vision correction. However, glasses can be so much more than that. Glasses can be a stylish accessory or they can make a bold fashion statement. Just think of how many celebrities, influencers, and style icons use a cool, elegant, or funky pair of frames to complement their personal style. And, with the sheer amount of different frames on the market, the styling possibilities are endless. Our collection of frames offers an extraordinarily wide choice of colours, shapes, sizes, and trends. So, take your pick!

Glasses as a fashion accessory

Buying prescription-free glasses as an accessory

So, you’re looking to buy a pair of frames to wear as just an accessory, without prescription lenses. Once you’ve found your perfect pair, you may think you’re good to go. However, we’ve got some advice for you when it comes to buying glasses as an accessory:

Standard showroom lenses are poor quality

Frames come with standard showroom lenses but these are not suitable for normal wear ! These lenses get dirty quickly, are often covered in stickers, and are generally of very poor quality. Remember that even if you don’t need vision correction, it’s still important to keep your eyes in the best shape possible. How can you order prescription-free glasses with us, then? Well, it’s simple:

  1. Select “single vision lenses” - any type will do as you won't be adding power to them
  2. Select “0” for power and any other values
  3. PD doesn’t matter, so select whichever you want. We advise that you choose the standard value “30” for each eye
  4. Select the cheapest lenses, and now you are good to go.

You may be worried about the cost factor, but the health of your eyes is worth it! Our lenses are high-quality, affordable, and definitely worth the investment.

Why go through the trouble of having proper lenses made?

As previously mentioned, you need proper lenses to reduce eye strain while wearing your prescription-free lenses, and to keep your eyes in the best shape possible! But there are even more benefits, too! We provide a standard set of lens treatments for each of our eyeglass lenses. These are extremely beneficial, not just for prescription lenses but also for prescription-free lenses. They keep your glasses clean, protect you from harmful UV rays, and make your fashion glasses more durable and comfortable. And, all these treatments are included in the price of your lenses.

Additionally, you have the option to further improve your prescription-free lenses. You can turn them into blue light filtering lenses (which can easily be done by choosing "Prescription-free glasses with a blue-light filter") or even self-tinting lenses. All these options are available at your fingertips so you can have the best possible glasses for the best price!