Blepha Cura Hot and Cold eye mask

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Blepha Cura Hot&Cold eye mask

Practical eye mask that can be used as a hot or cold compress. The mask is ideal for eyelid care.
The mask can be used repeatedly. The advantage is that it's very easy maintenance. The mask is equipped with a rubber band with buttons, with which you can easily fix the mask in the right place. The material is phthalate-free.

Quick treatment to help with:
Inflammation of the eyelid margins (blepharitis)
Disorders of Maibom's glands on the edge of the eyelids
Treatment of barley grain
Can also be used for dry eye syndrome


1) Warm compress
Soak the mask in warm water for a few minutes (cca 45 °C) or use the microwave. In this case, the following instructions must be followed:
700 watts - 15 seconds
1000 watts - 12 seconds
1250 watts - 10 seconds

2) Cold compress

Put the mask in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. Once it is cold enough, you can use it as a cold compress.

Note : The manufacturer recommends that you do not exceed skin contact for more than 20 minutes.


After each use, wash the mask with a mild soap solution and wipe dry.


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