Bepanthol eye drops 20x 0,5 ml

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Bepanthol eye drops 20x 0,5 ml

Bepanthol eye drops come in handy, separate ampoules and are used to provide quick and long-lasting relief from dry, tired or irritated eyes. These drops are free from preservatives, which makes them suitable for users with sensitive eyes.

The active ingredients of these drops are sodium hyaluronate and dexpanthenol.
Sodium hyaluronate, which is sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, is able to bind and retain lots of water, making it an effective lubricant. It also helps create a protective barrier over the surface of the eye. This stabilises the tear film. These drops have a sodium hyaluronate concentration of 0,15 %.
Dexpanthenol, or provitamin B5, helps the eyes regenerate naturally. It will further soothe and nourish the eyes as well. These drops have a dexpanthenol content of 2 %.

These drops effectively combat dry eyes, which can be caused by a variety of factors, such as dry air or heat, being exposed to air conditioning, smoke and dust, working in front of a computer for extended periods of time, hormonal changes, diabetes, certain medications, wearing lenses, etc.

How to use these hygienic ampoules

Apply 1 drop into each eye, 3-5 times per day. After application, if the ampoule you opened still has remaining solution, do not keep it for later. Opened, unused solution will not remain sterile so it’s advised to use a new vial for each application.

Bepanthol can be used directly on contact lenses. If you are using any other eye care products (drops, ointments, etc.), always wait at least 15 minutes between applying those products and Bepanthol drops. In this case, always use Bepanthol last.

Keep Bepanthol ampoules away from light and store them in a box or container.

Properties - Bepanthol eye drops 20x 0,5 ml

Manufacturer: Bayer
Volume: 10 ml
Usability after opening: immediately after opening
Preservatives: No
Can be used with contact lenses: Yes
Contains Sodium hyaluronate: Yes
Medical Device: Yes


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